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Sharpening and refinishing done by hand on Japanese whetstones.

Conveniently located in Brookline, MA

Services and Pricing

Serrated Knives.

Using round diamond files, I sharpen each individual serration by hand. A labor of love, your knife will be like new (or sharper).

Under 7" - $15

Over 7" - $18

*Please note: I no longer accept "micro serrated" or cutco serrated knives





Unfortunately at this time I am not accepting scissors/ shears. Please check back later!

Blade Restoration.

Chip repair                      ($3+/knife)

Blade thinning               ($15+/knife)

Tip repair                         ($3+/knife)

Bolster correction          ($3+/knife)

Blade refinishing (natural stone kasumi finish, KU restoration, brushed satin finish) 


Kitchen Knives.

Single and double bevel. All manner of Stainless and Carbon steels. I specialize in vintage and modern high quality, hand forged knives. (You'll be amazed by how sharp that old Wusthof will get)

Small (under 4") - $15

Medium (4"-7.5") - $18

Large (over 7.5") - $22

Pocket/ Hunting Knives.

$12/$14 (respectively)

Sharpening on Demand.

Skip the line for an additional $6/item! Same day service, guaranteed. No limit - bring however many knives/shears/axes/whatever as you want.  


I will pick up and drop off at your doorstep within an hour from Boston! Minimum of 4 items, guaranteed next day delivery.


The most convenient Sharpening option! Click here for more info

$30 - $80, depending on location

Book a time now to drop off your blade(s)!

Drop off to me in Brookline 7 days a week!

Now offering "On Demand" same day service!

Door to Door delivery service available in the Greater Boston Area!

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