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Before /after of a Japanese single bevel knife. The blade rusted as a result of being stored while wet. The owner thought the knife would have to be thrown out, but I restored it to better than new condition. Don't throw your knives out - Fix them!


Before / after of a Japanese Nakiri (vegetable knife) that was severely chipped. This blade was restored to look and perform like new. I specialize in Japanese knives!

Old chip 1.jpg
New Chip 1.jpg

Before / After of a chipped tip repair. Used your knife as a screwdriver? No problem (we've all done it), I'll make it like new again. 

Chip 2.jpg
Chip 2 New.jpg

Before / After multiple chip repair. Don't let those chipped knives sit unused in your drawer!

Cleaver old.jpg
Cleaver new.jpg

Before / After Chinese Cai Dao in for restoration. Light thinning of the blade, restoration of original black "kurouchi" finish, and edge sharpening on natural stones.

Lefty usuba old.jpg
lefty usuba new.jpg

Before / After Japanese Usuba restoration. Natural Japanese stones were used to polish this knife. This brings out the beautiful contrast between the hard core and soft cladding steels used to forge this blade.

big chip 1.jpg
big chip 2.jpg

Before / After of chip repair. All work is done on whetstones, allowing me to remove as little metal as possible, and create a super clean new cutting bevel. 

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