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  Sharp knives rock. Sadly many of us muddle through life, hacking away at tomato skins and bell peppers not even knowing there is a better way. A well maintained knife is not only a pleasure to use, but more safe. It produces cleaner cuts and food that tastes better. It helps foster joy during the act of cooking - something which we have all been doing a lot more of during these times.


  I am an ex cook and restaurant operator who learned the hard way and began my culinary journey struggling in pro kitchens with dull knives. My eyes were opened when I joined a team that used hand forged Japanese knives and knew how to maintain them with whetstones. I had never handled anything so sharp in my life - it was love at first chiffonade.

  The majority of professional sharpeners will ruin your knife using powered grinding wheels or sanding belts. These methods drastically reduce the life of your blade, produce an inferior edge, and potentially weaken the steel. Using a series of natural Japanese waterstones selected specifically for your blade allows me to refine the cutting edge with much less material removal and produces a better and longer lasting edge.


  Let me show you true sharpness!

     - Scott, Le Rémouleur

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