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Tapas with Ham

Questions I get asked, Frequently

- Where are you located?

      A: I am right off of Beacon St. in Brookline, just steps away from the Dean Rd. C line stop on the green line. After booking an                appointment you will receive an email within a minute with more specific instructions on how to find me, along with a picture of the front door. Check your spam folder if you don't see the email. Please be sure to read the directions, as my door can be tricky to find!


 - What are your hours?

       A: With my handy lockbox system, you can now drop off and pick up your knives any day of the week! I do take Friday/Saturday off. Please understand that I won't be answering emails on those days. 


- Can I mail my knives to you?

A: Absolutely! Please reach out for our mailing address. You are responsible for mailing (and any associated costs) the knives to me. I charge a flat $30 fee to mail your blades back, I cover any difference. 

How often should I have my knives sharpened?

A: Even the best blades get dull with use. I recommend most folks have their knives sharpened once or twice per year depending on use. Grab the knife in question. Grab a piece of computer paper. Can the knife cut through the paper with ease? If the answer is "no", then it needs to be sharpened.

I can't find your phone number, how do I contact you? 

A: Please send me an email! As my profession is extremely hands on and I am a one man shop, I unfortunately cannot be answering a phone all day. I am checking and answering emails all throughout the day!

- Do you offer delivery service?

A: Absolutely! I pick up orders from the greater Boston and surrounding areas every Sunday morning before 7am to be delivered the very next morning, just like magic. The delivery service fee guarantees next day delivery.

- Can I pay with cash/check/bitcoin/ trade you farm fresh eggs?

A: I only accept payment via debit/credit card at this time. Once I have completed the work I will send you an invoice where you can click and pay with a credit/debit/gift card, easy peasy! 

- Do you have any tips for basic knife care?

        A: Simple care will keep your blades in great shape, and sharper for longer. Always make sure to handwash your knives as the              heat and rough cleaning cycles in a dishwasher can quickly ruin an edge. Don't store blades unprotected in a drawer - a simple            plastic sheath does wonders! Don't cut frozen foods, bones, shells, or seeds - all will damage your edge!

- Do I have to make an appointment before stopping by?

A: Yes, I only work via appointment. Do not stop by without an appointment. I would hate to have you show up, only to find that I am out and about delivering knives. Click here to book me!

- What is the turnaround time?

A: Sharpening on Demand is same day service, guaranteed. You skip the line and have your knives sharpened NOW. For delivery service I'll have your knives back to you the next day, unless otherwise noted. Some knives do take extra time and love. For regular client dropoff orders, your knives or tools will be ready for pickup in roughly three working days unless stated otherwise. Please note that heavily chipped, rusted, bent, or otherwise damaged knives will require at the very least a one week wait. You'll receive an email confirming when your order is ready for pickup!

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