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Step 1:

Select your service (click one):

Drop off (~5 day turnaround)

On Demand (Same day)

Delivery (Next day)

Wrap your items in a hand towel, newspaper, or thick paper shopping bag. Secure with rubber bands or tape. They should be in one bundle - do not deposit a handful of loose knives! If in multiple bundles put them in a plastic bag so they stay together. Be sure to label your roll with your first name and last initial!

How it works

Step 2:

I thoroughly inspect each and every blade to determine the best course of sharpening. All knives are sharpened by yours truly on whetstones ranging from 80(!) grit all the way up to 8,000+ grit depending on the knife and its intended purpose. I will send you an email with pickup instructions along with an invoice separately when your knives are finished. 

Step 3:

After paying your invoice, respond to my email to schedule your pickup time. Thanks to the handy-dandy lock box, folks can now pick up their orders seven days a week! 

Enjoy your razor Sharp blades, and handle with care. Happy cooking!

(Don't you wish everything was this simple?)

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